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2009年6月27日 星期六

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Business executives, professionals, celebrities, successful entrepreneurs, and even young stars, think about how to go for quick and high quality shoppings on your busy days with tonnes of workload?

This kind of situation is always applicable to me. If you share the similar passion of work, I would recommend this as your best preference to keep your bright looking with less time.

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If you are scratching your head on figuring what should be the perfect gift to buy for your love ones, family members, best friends .... no matter on what ocassions - don't panic, here is the best place of your choice:







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Greener Energy

Australia is full of blessing from lot of sunshine. The State will adopt new Solar Power Generation Plant rather than the traditional way of Solar PV Panel Power Generation. The energy efficiency as high as fossel fuel power generation but has absolutely no emission.

From the news posted in Hong Kong, we are glad to know there is big leap of pragmatical development of Electric Vehicles on the road to become realistic. The power utility there may have make a significant contribution to the infrastructure of charging network, starting from the major car parks to shape out the popularity for users. Let's see how it works on this densely populated small city

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I have just renewed my Norton 360 Licence for my family: 1 PC + 2 notebooks at a renewal fee about US$57.56 .... and then checked from Amazon that the price is really the BEST !

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